Pregnant Women


We employ the best strategy to help pregnant women access medical assistance, support, and education. Our methods include;


Engagement with various Health centers/Hospitals to ascertain different needs of individual service users, while protecting their data/confidentialities.

Welfare Support

Engagement with law enforcement agencies/women affairs commission.
Working together as a team with the welfare organization agency.

Pre/Antenatal Education

Educating women in the rural communities with the help of health workers on the need for prenatal & postnatal care during & after pregnancy thereby reducing mortality to the barest minimum.

Build/Refurbish Health Facilities

Helping to build & refurbish dilapidated hospitals/ health centers in the rural areas thereby bringing them up to standard for human habitation & use.

Health Assessment Education

Educate women that the visits to the health care centers & drugs administrations are free for all races and colors.

Immunization Education

Educating women on the importance of immunizing a child